RGU CompSoc

Robert Gordon University Computer Society

CompSoc Meeting 27 Nov 2012 – Unix & Enterprise Systems

Today we took a look at some Enterprise Operating Systems and some Unix commands. Some mentions include HP-UX – focused heavily on security and workload management with reliability provided through multi-system installations and clustering.

Solaris is also quite a popular platform, it being a Unix OS that can be used as a workstation or server, supporting SPARC, IA-32, x86-64 platforms. Has a mixture of open source / closed source. Its also highly scalable with good support for symmetric multiprocessing. Installation is supported via both text and graphical installation options.

Finally we took a look at Red Hat Linux supporting x86, x86-64, Itanium, PowerPC, IBM System z. Mainly focused on the commercial target market from workstations to servers and supercomputers.

Some thoughts the floated around were to build one of our own custom linux distributions.

Took at look at Raspbian. Discussions even lead us to Braille Display Terminals. Could perhaps model the overall look and feel based on the RGU Visual Identity.

Some CompSoc Project Ideas
Linux based system
Debian based
Raspberry Pi

RGUnix custom distro
Pre-installed custom s/w
Optimised for certain users (students?)
Choose what type of installation (minimal?/graphical?)


Android Custom ROM development

Could perhaps get a number of machines running from the USB Memory sticks to work in parallel, connecting them up via some cables and a switch. Something like MPI could even perhaps be included in the build. Made use of the coin flipper from random.org to help decide the exact route we wish to take.

Would need all s/w development IDE’s / text editors etc. typically required by students.

Linux from Scratch LFS has some interesting features. See the wikipedia article for further info.

ReactOS also was also mentioned during the discussions.

Also took at look on play.com for USB Memory sticks.

Useful links and Videos
The following are a few links to some useful pdfs giving an overview of various unix commands.
Unix Commands 01 pdf
Unix Commands 02 pdf
Unix Commands 03 pdf
Unix Commands 04 pdf
Unix Commands 05 pdf
Unix Commands 06 pdf
Unix Commands 07 pdf

You may find some of the videos below to be of interest


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