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RGU CompSoc Re-enact the Fellowship Setting out from Rivendell

Yesterdays post could perhaps be described as a photographic journey of RGU CompSoc’s coastal trek from Portsoy to Cullen. One particular part of the route that immediately caught the attention of @dcdoolan was a scene from the “Fellowship of the Ring” (2001), just a few seconds of screen time after the “Fellowship” sets out from Rivendell. The music comes to a crescendo just as Gandalf reaches a peak with two outcrops of rock on either-side of him. Seeing such a great location on our own “Fellowship” adventure, we just had to play homage to it, as you will see in the short video of our trek (time index 01:32 to 01:58).

None of us were carrying a “Ring of Power” as Frodo was in this particular film, however as has seemingly become tradition @dcdoolan had a few rocks in his bag collected at the start of the journey, to deposit somewhere at the final destination. So we may not have had the “Ring of Power” in our position during the trek, but we were still making a journey like the “Fellowship” carrying something with us to a final destination. You can see the particular scene in question at time index 00:32 in the video below.

You may like to read the script of the “Fellowship of the Ring” so you can see details of the scene (P80) – all that it says is that it’s an exterior shot in rough country, south of Rivendell by day. The scene is located between the “Fellowship” setting off from Rivendell and their encounter with “Crebain from Dunland”. Had we shot the scene from the opposite direction then we could have recreated it even closer to the film, as Gandalf places his left hand on the outcrop of rock. Perhaps this is a good reason to go on this walk again, but instead of doing the route from Portsoy to Cullen, we could do the reverse and produce a more faithful re-enactment.

Shortly after creating this blog post one of those on the trek send on a horizontally flipped picture, so a new video was quickly edited using this idea. With a horizontal flip applied to just the footage in question, resulting in the video below. As you can readily see it matches in far more closely with the original scene from the “Fellowship of the Ring”.












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