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CompSoc Meeting 14th Oct 2013 – GoPro App and More

This evening was a bit too wet to test out the DJI Quadcopter with a GoPro attached so we tested it out instead just with the GoPro App on an iPad. As you can see the results seem to be quite good and one of the members took a little walking tour around the dining area on level 2 of the Riverside East Building. Upon exiting the actual building the signal was lost as you will see in the video below.

After that we went to the Multimedia Lab N530, were we decided that we would explore the Raspberry Pi for the following week. To assist in this we setup a Google Group with areas for both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, so members can find some interesting tutorials during the week that we can take a look at during the next meeting, perhaps get an OS or two installed & do a bit of programming. As such it was decided to meet up next week in the Multimedia Lab N530 at 17:30. We also sorted out some membership forms for the year ahead.

We also watched a few videos from the UIST competition, and mentioned that if the weather is any reasonable we may do another trekking adventure at the weekend just around Aberdeen, perhaps Kincorth Hill, Tullos Hill and on towards Nigg Bay.

To see more RGU CompSoc videos check out our YouTube Channel.


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