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RGU CompSoc Monthly WordPress Stats

As can be seen in the stats below, since its launch in April 2011, CompSoc’s WordPress site has received 5327 views. October 2013 even though we are less than half way through as been the best so far with almost 800 views. Looks like we should have a good chance of surpassing 1000 by the end of month. Perhaps if we made use to Tag’s in our posts we would have even more views!



From the desk of the President

I feel that last night was a success for the society after a fantastic presentation by our very own David.  Next week I am looking forward to discussing the different ways of using the Raspberry Pi and also looking into Microsoft Dreamspark so that we may fully use the resources we are given by the university to good use.  I would also like to thank our newest edition to the crew: George Lawie, who will be in contact with me on how it is best to increase our online presence on sites such as Facebook.

Over the coming weeks I am sure things will be very exciting and remember to just fire me an e-mail if anyone has any fun recommendations.

Flickr Limits Just 200 Images are viewable!

Over the past days we have been uploading some photos to our free flickr account. Each month their is a limit of 300megs worth of file uploads. This seams quite reasonable, but once we uploaded over 200 images a message appeared to say that we have exceeded one of Flickrs limits. One can still upload images in excess of 200 to a Flickr account but only the last 200 will be viewable. One can read about these restrictions here (http://www.flickr.com/help/photos). The only other option remaining is to upgrade to a pro account for $24.99 per annum or $47.99 for a two year subscription. Flickr does make if very easy to upload content, and the pro account has even more useful features. At present we have several hundred photos still to upload in excess of the 200 image file limit. I guess we will just have to upgrade, or else find another photo gallery service !

First Year Anniversary

As of today 13th April 2011 the CTRL Byte society has been officially registered as a society within Robert Gordon University for the past year. This time one year ago all the paperwork for the society to be officially recognised was submitted to RGU:Union. Over the past year we have had quite a bit of fun from playing Basketball and Pool, to running an Unreal Gaming tournament that was attended by over 50 people both staff and students. Also along the way a number of lectures were held covering everything from Lego NXT programming to Augmented Reality, Backtracking, Audio Analysis and Evolutionary Computing. We have also been to the cinema on a number of occasions Tron and Avatar being two that readily stand out due to high level of computer generated imagery. We of course haven’t always been stuck indoors and have ventured around Loch Muick and the Braemar region. Hopefully the coming year will be even better than the first.

To mark this occasion CTRL Byte’s presence on the web has moved a Drupal installation hosted on the School of Computing servers to this wordpress site, along with a twitter, flickr & youtube channel. This should make it easier for others to find out about the lectures and events we host.

Request For Comment – April Fools

As you all know, especially those in the networking area the Interent Engineering Task Force (IETF) define the technical documents that make up the Internet, from TCP and HTTP to IPv4/6. You may be interested in reading their most recent Request for Comment (RFC) http://tools.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5984.txt This is focused on Increasing the throughout in IP Networks using a new forwarding scheme.

There is also another interesting one from last year regarding the addition of a new Option to TCP. http://tools.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5841.txt

For the past 20 years of so, one can always expect an interesting RFC to be issued on 1st April.

Happy Pi Day + Happy Birthday Albert Einstein

Generally most people celebrate Pi Day by eating pie at 1.59pm in the day on the 14th March (3.14159). Once the pie has all been eaten many societies sit down to a showing of the film Pi (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0138704). There’s lots of interesting stuff floating around on the Internet about Einstein, here’s just one http://www.leydenscience.org/mreeves/relativity/notes/Einsteinlifetimes.ppt

Some interesting links about pi
http://www.piday.org (National Pi Day Website).
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi (nice image of a Pi symbol on the ground at the entrance to math building in Berlin!!).
http://www.strange-facts.info/interesting-facts-about-pi (watch the video)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDiSYp_51iY (pi song)

Classic example of generating Pi on a Parallel Machine

2010-09-23 Freshers Fayre Stand

CTRL Byte had a stand down at RGU:Sport for the Freshers Fayer, we were their from about 11:00 until 15:00, the image below shows the stand being setup.

Freshers Fayre

2010-09-21 CTRL Byte Characters

One of the society members spent some time creating some characters to work hand-in-hand with the society, the result is the 0 and 1 seen in the image below. Chances are you will be seeing these characters around the place again in the near future.

CTRL Byte Logo Characters

The following idea is a “CTRL Byte” logo made up of lego brick, you will see later that this was actually created in lego for the Freshers Fayre !

CTRL Byte Lego Logo

Pool @ O’Reilly’s

Classes will begin in about 5 weeks, but quite a few members of CTRL Byte were still around Aberdeen, hence we decided to get together to see how thesummer went and have a few games of pool at O’Reillys.

It’s BBQ Time – The Exams are over

All the exams have come to an end, what better way to celebrate than by having a BBQ. Most of the day was farily good weather wise, but just a little bit after the BBQ was lit it started to rain, hence it ended up being sheltered with umbrellas, this certainly made for a slight change to your typical BBQ scenario. Just picture it everybody huddled around in small groups puncuated with umbrellas, with a few others on umbrella duty over the BBQ !

CTRL Byte – Its official

As of today 13th April 2010 CTRL Byte is now officially recoginised as a society of the Robert Gordon University. All the necessary documentation was finally signed off and handed into the union. This included members list, budget forms, the constitution etc.

2010-04-13 Menger Sponge Construction

An afternoon spent creating the first elements of a level 2 Menger Sponge.


Level   Cubes              No Cards Required
0          1                12
1          20               192
2          400              3,456
3          8,000            66,048
4          160,000          1,296,384
5          3,200,000        25,731,072

Menger Sponge Construction

Menger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge Construction
Menger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge Construction
Menger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge Construction
Menger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge ConstructionMenger Sponge Construction

2010-04-13-MengerSponge, a set on Flickr.

Hitting the Basketball Court Once Again

Having had lots of fun with our game of Basketball last week after our meeting, we decided to try it again this week as it was once again a good dry sunny day.


Given the improving weather of late, most of us went out to have a game of Basketball after we had finished our weekly meeting. The game was held at the court just of Hutcheon street right across the way from PC World. It makes perfect sence of course that we wouldn’t stray too far from computers & technology.

CTRL Byte feature in Alumni Association e-zine

A short bulletin highlighting the soceity has been published in the December Issue of the Alumni Association e-zine E:Connect.


CTRL Byte – Hit the Pool Tables

Following on from the Schools annual Christmas Lecture 11:00 to 15:30. The society took part in a short 1.5 hour gaming session of Unreal Tournament, about half a dozen members of staff also participated in the fun.
The society members then headed to Rileys Pool hall for a 4.5 hour session of Pool.
All in all, this has been a very active day, with some members meeting up at 08:30 and finally parting ways at 21:30.


CTRL Byte – Christmas Lecture

Several members of the society were present to help out with the Schools annual Christmas Lecture.
Given the proximity to Christmas the lecture was titled “Merry Multimedia”. The society demonstrated the NXT Robots and how they may be programmed in NXC. Approximately 200 secondary school students from the surrounding area attended the event.

NXC & Unreal Battles

CTRL Byte’s weekly meeting lasted for 2 hours today, running from 12:00 to 14:00. This included an informal introductory lecture on NXC Programming. The lecture comprised of the system setup for the Bricx CC IDE, USB communications with the NXT and the development of some initial NXC applications.
Following the meeting a 4.5 hour Unreal Tournament commenced. The tournament finally came to an end at 18:30 in the evening. For a period during the session the society members in C11 did battle with a number of other computing students located in C26.

CTRL Byte – Unreal !

After the societies most recent weekly meeting (Friday 13th November 2009). A 3 hour gaming session of Unreal Tournament was held. A number of individual and team based games were played.
A number of staff from the School of Computing also joined in the fun.

CTRL Byte takes part in Open Day

Several members of the society were involved at the Open Day held 7th November 2009 (http://www.comp.rgu.ac.uk/openday). A number of Lego NXT Robots were on display to the public.

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